it is a very exciting time when you have a new product and you can’t wait to share it with the public but hold on! Have you done your research and development? What similar products are on the market and who are your competitors? Will your product hold its own and stand out on the shelf? At we can help you all the way to ensure your product gets what it deserves in a dog eat dog marketplace. These are but a few things you will need to consider and there are certain rules that come into play.

• Colour – Corporate businesses have core colours that need to be kept in line with the brand guidelines so adding a pop colour may be one way to ensure your product doesn’t blend in with a rival brand with the same colourways. Maybe the brand colours are reversed to create a difference?

• Brand Recognition – Ensure that the brand name (logo) has a large presence as this is a key factor if the consumer that is purchasing the item and not the end user who requires the product.

• What the Product is – A clear indication of exactly what the product is, is key to the consumer when creating the design, keep it simple as I mentioned in Brand Recognition this may not be the end user for the product.

• Most Importantly – Does it look good?!

Here at we treat every project as a challenge to try and get our product to the top of its category. If you have a product you want to take to market, give our studio a call or email us with your requirements.