I have a website, now what?

A site that simply exists on the internet isn’t enough. Hitting “publish” won’t be your last step. How will your audience find your site? Do they even know it exists? You have to let people know your site is live and make it easy for them to find. If you want your site to be successful, you have more work to do.

Update Regularly!

We can’t emphasise this enough! Every Mindlabs website is built with the most up to date SEO technology, but this only lasts so long. Make sure you update the content on the website regularly so you don’t stop getting recognised by Google. If you don’t have time to keep the site up to date, feel free to get in touch and discuss your update needs!

Social Media

Get your social media in-line with your website! Make sure any logos/details/links are exactly the same as your website. Not sure about image sizes or formats? Don’t be afraid to get in touch with the Mindlabs to get your online presence in-line.


It’s never too early to start collecting an email database!  Keeping your customers up to date with your latest news can be essential to getting recurring work. We build every website with a data capture feature, it’s up to you to keep them up to date! Need help sending out effective emails? Get in touch now.