Jojo Siwa Hair Brush Design

Hairsecretz contacted our design team to create visuals for a range of top secret brushes they were developing. After the NDA’s were all signed we got to work on a collection of 5 reversible brushes that would appealed to the 6-12 year old global market.

After extensive research into this demographic it became clear that any product endorsed by American teen star Jojo Siwa would/should be a success We worked closely with Jojo’s team, Hairsecretz and Nickelodeon closely following the Jojo brand bible to ensure all brand guidlines were adhered to.

After working on the graphics and colour combinations it was time to discuss the packaging and maximise it’s potential. Adam our in-house 3d designer to work his magicc to show potential clients exactly what they would receive when purchasing the brushes. Once phase 1 was completed and the designs had been signed off we set to work on creating a presentation box showcasing all 5 brushes to send to potential clients, Jojo herself loved it so much she took one back to the USA with her!

Through the process it became evident that Hairsecretz itself needed it’s own brand identity with corporate stationery, magazine adverts, brochure and a website that linked up wth the various social media channels that will be used to push the brushes.

We love these type of projects and are currently working with Hairsecretz on more designs for 2018.